On June 2nd, 2008 milburn wrote…

Phoenix Stereo Photos

Phoenix landed on Mars on the 25th of May. I was quite interested in the landing as I am part of a local astronomy group. I was also very excited when I saw some of the photos which came back from the probe.

The probe has an instrument called the Surface Stereo Imager. Being a stereo camera means that it has two lenses spaced apart which capture a scene from two very slightly different points. The images sent back can then be turned into 3D images.

Several years ago I picked up a book about stereo images. Using a cross eyed technique you can see two images taken see images taken side by side as one 3D image. Of course for those of us who haven’t learnt how to do the cross eyed technique there are two other methods: those really cool red and cyan glasses or using special polarized glasses.

For your viewing pleasure I have put together some of the images from thePhoenix gallery to form stereo pairs. I have also created an image for people with those red and cyan glasses.

Update: If you want to create your own anaglyphs why not use my free anaglyph creator.

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