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On September 6th, 2008 milburn wrote…

Remembering Passwords

Remembering passwords is really difficult. No one has a different password for every site or machine they log into because no one can remember that many passwords easily. Is having the same password for every account good practise? We all know the answer to that question.

I have about five different passwords. I have a general password which I use for all the sites which aren’t very important and don’t store important details. I have another password for trusted sites and shops which store more information. I have a stronger password which I use for my bank account, I have a different password for my email and web hosting. Finally, my computer has a unique password. Read the rest of this entry »

On September 5th, 2008 milburn wrote…

Forgetting Passwords

Today, I forgot my password. I don’t have a habit of forgetting passwords however our school requires us to change passwords every 3 months. That’s obviously a good security practise but that means another password to invent.

4 months ago and I’m sure I could of told you what my password was. Unfortunately I only used the password two or three times so it didn’t sink in, then I went on holiday completely forgetting about everything school related including my password. Of course our school has some good computer technicians who promptly allowed me to change it. Read the rest of this entry »

On September 4th, 2008 milburn wrote…

Icon Townsend

Craig Townsend is another young designer living in my local area. I found out about his recently set up studio in our local paper. His site is called icon:townsend and it features a mix of stock photography, online and print design. Finding clients at 17 isn’t particularly easy but Craig’s done some great work.

I hope that he gets plenty of work to keep him busy and perhaps we can work on some projects together in future.

On September 3rd, 2008 milburn wrote…

Starting with Facebook

I signed up to Facebook yesterday. There were several reasons. One of which being that I could develop a Facebook app. I’ve seen many good tutorials on how to build a simple application including this one from NetTuts.
Read the rest of this entry »

On September 2nd, 2008 milburn wrote…

Google Chrome

I’ve just had seen the announcement that Google is announcing a new browser called Google Chrome. The second generation of browsers wars seem to be starting. IE8 is due to be released soon. Firefox 3 has just come out and Opera 9.5 is still around.

Out of all those browsers though Google Chrome will probably remove IE from it’s prime position as king of the browsers. Google has the worlds biggest advertising spot and they will surely be prepared to use it. Google can bundle their new browser with all their products. What if Google said that only users of it’s browser get the full benefit of it’s web applications? Read the rest of this entry »

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