On September 2nd, 2008 milburn wrote…

Google Chrome

I’ve just had seen the announcement that Google is announcing a new browser called Google Chrome. The second generation of browsers wars seem to be starting. IE8 is due to be released soon. Firefox 3 has just come out and Opera 9.5 is still around.

Out of all those browsers though Google Chrome will probably remove IE from it’s prime position as king of the browsers. Google has the worlds biggest advertising spot and they will surely be prepared to use it. Google can bundle their new browser with all their products. What if Google said that only users of it’s browser get the full benefit of it’s web applications?

I’m not sure that Google Gears will be good for the consumer. If it develops a large enough market share, Google will have almost unrestricted access to our private lives. Already the release material suggests that Google will use it’s pagerank system to help classify sites. Google will probably also use the data from the browser to target their advertising schemes even more effectively.

A monopoly isn’t good because it restricts people’s opinions and views. Google has the ultimate say on whether a webpage has good content or not. Everyone searching on Google will get the same information and thus will be lead to the same conclusion. If everyone thought the same things then we wouldn’t have healthy debates. After all there is never one right way of doing something.

On the other hand I hope that being an Open Source project, the likes of Opera and Mozilla will be able to take the best parts out of Google Chrome and package it into a less biased browser which is compatible with the way I use my browser now.

I’m looking forward to the more streamlined and standards based web that Google promises but I doubt that will be a reality. Look at their homepage 66 validation errors!

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2 Responses to “Google Chrome”

  1. On September 3rd, 2008 Lamin Barrow said…

    I am glad you shared your opinions concerning this Google move.

    “What if Google said that only users of it’s browser get the full benefit of it’s web applications?”

    I can confidently say that’s a business decision Google will never make.

  2. On September 4th, 2008 milburn said…

    You may be right but there have been cases in the past where Google has used it’s web apps to promote their offline software like Picasa Web Albums with the Picasa and Reader with Gears.

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