On April 30th, 2009 milburn wrote…


Let me introduce my latest tool: ExcelOff. It cleans up badly formed tables created by Microsoft Excel and similarly bad programs.

This tool came about because I have created a site which users can edit and add tables to through a visual editor. Unfortunately copying and pasting from Excel into this visual editor results in “tag soup”! I needed a solution.

I looked around and found WordOff which cleans up word documents but doesn’t work on tables. I decided to take the code, convert it to PHP and modify it so that it doesn’t get ris of some of the essential stuff for tables. With the help of David Hopkin’s  Strip Attributes Class

Please go to ExcelOff, copy and paste a table from Excel or similar. Click clean up and lines of beautifully formed HTMl code will result!

Hopefully I will be able to incorporate this into a WordPress plugin for all WordPress users to conveniently use. Watch this space.

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