On April 6th, 2009 milburn wrote…

Mandelbrot Revisited


The Mandelbrot Set

In my last post about the mandelbrot set I said:

I would put the Mandelbrot explorer script online however it is very computationally intense. It takes around 5 seconds to generate 1 image.

Now I have created a new explorer which you can use.

I tried to find a way of replicating my original PHP script in JavaScript. That way the processing is all done on the client computer and not my server. For a while I didn’t think it was possible until today I came across pixel manipulation using the Canvas element. Internet Explorer users will be disappointed to know that the Canvas element doesn’t work on their browser and this therefore won’t work.

The code is almost the same as the PHP code except that it uses the
getImageData and putImageData() functions. These functions extract the pixel data from the image and allow it to be manipulated before being saved again, extremely useful.

Why not explore the Mandelbrot Set!

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