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On July 16th, 2008 milburn wrote…

WordPress Plugin Ideas

My first WordPress plugin, the drop caps plugin has been fairly successful so I’m looking to make a new plugin and I need some ideas.

Some of my own ideas include a speedometer which measures the speed performance of your WordPress installation, analyses the speed of other plugins and your themes, checks files are cached properly and suggests ways to speed up WordPress. Read the rest of this entry »

On May 28th, 2008 milburn wrote…

Drop Caps Plugin

Last time, I was showing you how to create the cool drop caps on my blog. The only problem was that I was having to write extra mark-up into each post to generate the drop caps.

Extra mark-up is bad. It’s bad because if I wanted to change blogging platforms or even change theme I would have to go through every post and page and remove the HTML mark-up. Not really too difficult with only 4 posts to date but if I have a hundred or so posts in the future, it becomes a real pain. Read the rest of this entry »

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