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Hi I'm Thomas Milburn. I have personally designed and managed this website. Instant Quiz was launched in November 2008 after several months in development. Over the coming months Instant Quiz will be linked up to social sites such as wordpress and facebook.

Instant Quiz is all about building quizzes and other types of online activities. It provides a way for users to test their friends, colleagues and students.

Members create quizzes, these consist of a number of questions which can take several different formats. Questions can also include images and sound clips. The quiz creator gets people to go to the quiz. Visitors take the quizzes and their results are saved. The quiz creator can then review the results.

You can use Instant Quiz to create competitions, school projects or just see how well people know you. Instant Quiz can also be used by teachers. Teachers can create personalised tests and activities for their students and can also take advantage of embedded media to test listening skills or display maps and equations.

If you want to find out more about me or my other projects please visit my personal site.

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