This page lists a number of frequent problems that users have. If you can't fix the problem you're having or find a bug please contact me.

I can't sign in
Remember that both username and password are case sensitive so make sure you don't have Caps Lock on. If you can't remember your password please request a new one.
I can't find a quiz
Make sure you have typed in the correct url. If you still can't find a quiz, contact the person who created the quiz.
I have answered a quiz but my score doesn't show up
Make sure you have entered your name and try the quiz again. If it still doesn't show up please contact me.
I don't know how to use BBCode
Have a look at this page, make sure to close all opened tags.
My quiz is being spammed
I try to block all spammers but if someone is spamming your quiz please delete their results and contact me so I can block the offender.
I haven't got an account
What are you waiting for? You can sign up for free now.