On June 18th, 2008 milburn wrote…

Father’s Day

Best dad in the world!

Father’s day was celebrated here in the UK last Sunday. I decided that I’d rise to the occasion and make something special. I can’t say that I’m a whiz with Photoshop because I don’t actually own a copy of it, instead I rely on a rather old version of Paint Shop Pro.

Paint Shop Pro is a nice application. It lacks some of the more advanced canvas and brush features of Photoshop which means that it lacks the creative edge. Also I have yet to find a way to convert Photoshop brushes and documents to Paint Shop Pro documents.

Anyway, I found a great tutorial on psdtuts.com to make a grass effect. My dad loves gardening so I thought it suited him well. I had a quick flick throught the steps to check there was nothing that Paint Shop Pro couldn’t handle before getting to work.

I think the end result was well worth it and it only took me a couple of hours. Sure it isn’t half as good as the tutorial example but my dad was impressed.

You can download the full sized wallpaper from flickr. It’s a bit late for father’s day this year though!

Hopefully, I can find some more time to get to grips with Paint Shop Pro and maybe I can find some money as well so I can buy Photoshop!

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