On August 23rd, 2008 milburn wrote…

Getting GCSEs

For those not familiar with the British school system, GCSEs are exams taken at the end of compulsory education at 16. I took them back in June but have just received my results. I got 4 As and 5 A*s(the highest grade).

This was just about what I expected but I was pleased not to receive any Bs. I wasn’t sure how well I’d done in English or in Art but I managed to pick up As in both.

I’m going on to study at sixth form. I’ve decided I’m going to study French, chemistry, physics and further maths. It’s going to be a fair bit of work. You may be wondering why I’m not studying computing. The truth is that I’ve gained the majority of my experience from articles and people on the web; I think that I’d find lessons rather slow paced.

Right now I’m off school and working on a few projects of my own. Here are a couple of teasers I have prepared!



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2 Responses to “Getting GCSEs”

  1. On September 4th, 2009 Irfan said…

    Hmm!!I must say u r doing pretty good piece of work building and coding these websites at such tender age.The work is really commendable…I hope one day you will definitely produce something of great value to humanity…Best of luck.!!

  2. On August 2nd, 2010 K said…

    Well done! You have done a great job on this website too, with helpful articles and programming for others like me. I hope life continues to go well for you, and you stick your head up and bear it when it doesn’t, till it does again.

    Best Wishes!

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