On April 3rd, 2009 milburn wrote…

Chrome 3D Explained

3404418736_b6448b9e9cYesterday as you are probably well aware was April Fool’s Day. Google as ever produced a range of April Fool’s jokes, this year based around an artificial inteligence system called CADIE. My favourite joke was the 3D chrome browser.

Knowing about how 3D images are produced I knew that Google couldn’t possibly render whole pages in real 3D. Instead it uses a clever rendering effect to create two identical images of the page and convert one into the red component and the other into the blue and green component.

This doesn’t make the page 3D as such but instead when viewed through cyan and red glasses looks like the page comes out of the computer screen. This isn’t really thrilling and can make your eyes and brain hurt after a short while due to retinal rivalry.

For real anaglyphs you need two images one of the scene viewed from the right and another from the left. Then you can use my anaglyph creator to make your own genuine 3D images. And don’t forget to download your 3D glasses to view them!

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